Why Innovation?

Children and their families face many challenges - particularly in resource-limited areas. UNICEF and its partners develop innovative solutions to improve their lives.

Children stories

Stories about innovation at UNICEF

Every innovation initiative has its story - to read the personal stories of people actively involved in innovation at UNICEF visit: UNICEF stories.

Partnerships and collaboration

UNICEF works with others to respond to the challenges faced by children and their families.

How does UNICEF Innovate?

We identify problems - then work with those that benefit from our services and products, as well as those involved with designing and making them to explore novel ways to empower children and their families.

Challenges and How You Can Help

Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF)

About 17 million children suffer from severe acute malnutrition (SAM) annually and require...

Measurement of Children's Weight

It can be challenging to get accurate weight measurements of young children as they can get...

HIV Treatment and Prevention in Women

In sub-Saharan Africa, women represent 58% of the infected population.In 2011, over 90% of the...


Conferences and Events

Vacancies, consultancies and opportunities

Innovation doesn't happen when you work alone. From time to time we require help from you to achieve our goals through international job openings and consultancies. Check out this page for the latest opportunities to get involved. Read more here